Enterprise Storage Report (ESR)
Storage Markets, Technologies and Systems
A properly planned storage management strategy lays the foundation for the longest term approach to the growth of the entire organization, and the inevitable budgetary limits which follow rapid growth.
Infotech SA’s Enterprise Storage Report (ESR) presents an organization with the implications, directions, and problems that are involved in storage management and data protection.
The ESR, which currently has 7 sections and 300 pages, is updated every 6 months and keeps a close watch on a rapidly changing industry. It presents the user with unbiased information or help in making informed purchasing decisions.

Section 1 -

Storage Markets, Technologies and Systems

Section 2 -


Section 3 -

Disk Technology and Disk Array Subsystems

Section 4 -

Magnetic Tape Technology and Tape Subsystems

Section 5 -

Network Backup Software

Section 6 -

HSM Software

Section 7 -

Magnetic Tape Libraries

Although many other factors besides technical features can guide eventual selection, the detailed information presented in the ESR can be used as a starting point in performing a selection. Further interaction with experienced Infotech staff is available for planning, implementing or operating a storage system. The ESR may be ordered online from Infotech SA Inc. by clicking the Order Now button below. For more information, e-mail info@infotechsa.com. Questions about mass storage markets, systems and technologies may also be addressed by e-mail.

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