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 Backup Reporter Application

Infotech SA Inc.’s Backup Reporter is a web based application for Veritas NetBackup users on UNIX and Windows Operating Systems. Backup Reporter is a customize tool to create different customize backup reports based on user selection criteria with administration control for any small to large scale organization which uses Veritas NetBackup software.

Features of Backup Reporter Version 1.0

Fast, User Friendly Interface

Backup Reporter provides a graphical interface with which administrator and analyst can easily create customize backup reports.

Administrator Panel - Configuration Option

Backup Reporter provides small administration control for application user where user can create different logins for the software. It also provides links to add/delete/modify different categories and hostname for that particular organization.

Import NetBackup Data

Import feature provides user to import NetBackup report file data into the database of the application. Reset feature will reset the database between selected dates.

Customize Reports

Different report selection criteria’s are available to generate customize reports as per user choice. Reports can be generated on monthly, yearly or by customize selection by user. Also reports are available in table and charts format to make it more simple for analysis.

This is user friendly, easy to use and easy for modify as per the requirements.

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