Data Domain DD400 Enterprise Series
The Data Domain DD400 Enterprise Series provides the industry’s highest throughput scalable COS (Capacity Optimized Storage) systems for backup/recovery storage. Insertion into existing enterprise backup infrastructure is easy with the DD400 Enterprise Series. Its high capacity and high throughput deliver the ability to backup massive amounts of data under tight time constraints. Because the system is built with resilience and data integrity in mind, the hardware and software work in tandem to provide tremendous reliability.

Data Domain DD 200 Restorer
The Data Domain DD200 is a capacity optimized, disk-based recovery storage appliance. While it is built on ATA disk technology, the DD200 is not just another inexpensive disk array with RAID. With its revolutionary Global Compression and Data Invulnerability Architecture, the DD200’s Restore Protection Manager (RPM) software provides unprecedented data protection with a resulting cost per GB like tape automation, much less than standard ATA RAID. Simply, it is designed to meet the special requirements of backup and recovery storage.

Data Domain Replicator Software

The Data Domain Replicator works very simply. Standard backup software is used to backup and recover from a local DD400 Enterprise Series disk storage system. Replicator then asynchronously replicates only new globally compressed, unique data segments to a second DD400 appliance over IP. Recovery or duplication to tape may then proceed at either site. Because of Global Compression, the amount of data sent is extremely small, typically less than 1 percent the size of a full backup.

Capacity Optimized Storage
Data Domain OS (DD OS) 3.0, the heart of Data Domain’s DD400 Enterprise Series of restorer systems, provides the industry’s fastest, most protective capacity optimization system for backup/ recovery storage. Under control of any leading backup software application, it averages 20x compression over time, enabling the industry’s most cost-efficient disk-based retention and recovery. With its Data Invulnerability Architecture, data recoverability is verified continuously.

By adding the Data Domain Replicator, optional software to provide a capacity optimized transport for disaster protection, bandwidth between sites is a small fraction of any traditional replication method. Recovery from disk is now not only safer and faster, but more cost-effective.

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