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STK 9840/9940 Tape

The StorageTek® 9840 tape cartridge holds up to 20 gigabytes of uncompressed data or up to 40 gigabytes with 2:1 data compression. The 9840 tape drive has an average access time of just 12 seconds allowing fastest access to data than any other comparable tape drive. The 9940B cartridge holds 200 GB of uncompressed data and 400 GB with 2:1 compression. This technology is suited to backup and archive applications.

LTO Tape

LTO (Linear-Tape Open) technology is a collaboration between HP, IBM and Certance. The LTO approach of openness and co-operation has ensured the backing of a wide range of tape drive, media and automation licensees. There are three types of LTO Ultrium cartridges: Untrium 1, 2 and 3 ranging in uncompressed capacity from 100 GB to 400 GB.

Quantum SDLT Tape

The SDLT tape cartridge stores up to 160 gigabytes of uncompressed data, or up to 320 gigabytes with 2:1 data compression. This large storage capacity makes SDLT technology particularly suited for backup and archive applications.