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Infotech SA's. Task Application

Infotech SA Inc.'s Task Application is a complete paper less small office automation tool for UNIX and Windows Operating Systems. Task Application provides valuable insight into your organization's routine office work. Whether you're planning to assign any task to any of your employees or subordinates or want to know the status of work that you have assign at any time Task Application is an indispensable tool.

With Task Application, you can better manage:

Your daily office work
Get the status of work assign
Identification of assign work by employees
Identification of assign work by status
Identification of assign work by categories with reply from assign person

Features of Task Application Version 1.0

Multi-Level Security

Task Application has a unique user level security, that means only administrator has the Administrator Panel Access and others will get only user level interface when they log's In. Only user with administrator level privileges can assign the task to the others.

Fast, Friendly Interface

Task Application provides a graphical interface with which user can access the task assign to then and take proper actions like reply to assign task, update it, Delete it etc.

User Level Reports

Task Application provides multilevel search with different selection criteria like user, status and category of work. This will give detail report of assigned task and present status of all work.

This is user friendly, easy to use and easy for modify as per the requirements.

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